Monday, September 10, 2012


The barbecue, the outdoor fireplace, solar lights, deck chairs, flower baskets and bikes are all safely stowed away. The Gulf Ferries are off the runs and classes are cancelled for schools across the island in anticipation of the big event!

My guys are bouncing off the wall hyper. Less than a week back to school and a day off! You would swear it was the beginning of the summer break.

The forecast for the Avalon is looking okay. Strong winds and rain in the morning, but the latest forecast on the Weather Network indicates Leslie is going to be a fast moving event. They say that folks in St. John's should be drying out with the help of the sun by early afternoon.

It looks a lot harsher for the Burin Peninusla where my parents live. Heavy rains up to 70 mm and strong winds. Dad has his boats up on the slip. He is safe at home for this event. When Igor struck, he and mom were at the cabin in Barrasway De Plate.  A nightmare experience in which he nearly drowned stubbornly trying to save his boat from the swollen torrential river flowing into the gut.

Many residents of my hometown of St. Bernard's - Jacques Fountaine will never forget the damage and flooding that destroyed homes during Igor. While the destruction was devastating, the assistance to the families impacted by the Canadian Red Cross, The Salvation Army, other organizations and Canadians - from coast to coast - was incredible.

All we can do now is wait, and hope, that our municipal infrastructures, our sewers, bridges, roads, and culverts are up to the challenge that Mother Nature is bringing our way.

One thing is for certain, there is no where to hide waiting for the hurricane. 

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