Friday, September 14, 2012


Blogger has a new word verification system. As the author of this blog, I never have to use the verifications system.

After receiving a few emails from users complaining about how difficult it is to use, it occurred to me that it must go.

Indeed it is atrocious. It keeps telling me it's wrong, even when it's correct.  I understand why some of you have resorted to emailing me directly. That is fine because I appreciate the frank exchange of ideas, but it does defeat the purpose of a public comments section.

The word verification is a thing of the past but now my comments folder is full of spam. Incredible!

Everything from sex enhancement products to right wing Christian propaganda!

If there is one thing I hate even more than narcissistic trolls and hobbits, it is spam!

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bob c said...


Is it possible for you to configure you blog such that visitors would have to register in order to leave a message? This would probably require ID/password management but it would give you the option of disabling or removing users.

Don't envy your "junk" :(

btw: I enjoyed and agree with your comments on the radio yesterday in relation to the (lack of) decision making by the school board/education department/government.

We the people are becoming just a footnote on one of the pages of the government's agenda.

Let me know next time you're free for a coffee:)