Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I am beat to a snot. Busy days...but how does one retire early without knowing the results of the Quebec election?

Part of me just wants to go to sleep and wake up to the news that the wacky PQ's Pauline Marois is the new Premier. It just goes to show how little I know, or even understand about Quebec. I expect a closer election result with a minority PQ government.

What it means for the country? Time will tell.

What it means for this province. It could get interesting considering Marois stands on Old Harry.

I wonder  if Premier Marois will get her call to the PM returned any quicker than Premier Dunderdale did? How will he respond to her bait, her attempt to stoke the nearly extinguished fires of Quebec Nationalism.

Will Harper approach her like he Did Danny Williams? 

Tick Tock!

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