Friday, September 14, 2012


The only thing that surprised me about the departure of Tom Osborne from the Dunderdale Party was that it took so long.

Tom is one of the hardest working constituent M.H.A’s to ever have been elected to the House of Assembly.  There is a great deal of admiration and respect for him throughout his district and the city.

His disenchantment with PC Party politics goes back quite a ways. The nexus appears to be the day in Cabinet when he learned he had been misled by his own colleagues about vital matters related to the Breast Cancer Scandal. His subsequent demotion from cabinet and alienation within the caucus led to a disengagement that has been obvious to political watchers for a couple of years.

The fact that PC MHA's and staff that I have spoken to over the past year admitted that Tom was "punching time" proved that there was potential for a blow-up. When I suggested he may just quit or  join the New Democrats led to scorn. Tom is a team player. He is solid.

If someone as solid as Tom, a team player who would stand up and vote for legislation like Bill 29 despite his reservation, can walk away - what other unestablished players feeling the pinch of the polls - might be considering other options?

The lesson for the Premier, and her nasty acolytes,  is that you can not suppress backbenchers from having meaningful roles in the policy and legislative process. Individuals are elected to have a voice, to be legislators. The heavy handed Kremlin approach of the past few years has created much internal dissension. The only thing holding this all together is machine politics, intimidation and a few suck-ups looking for promotions.

While the best course of action might be to step back, reassess and empower backbenchers – the Dunderdale administration seems intent on further retention.


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So you agree with stiffing MHA's, manipulating the open lines and forcing elected officials to go through unelected political hacks to represent their constituents?

Anonymous said...

He never got his own way, so he quit. Big sook!

As Burke said " good riddance"

He should resign from the house and run for re-election for the liberals. He will find out in a hurry how popular he is!

Anonymous said...

This government is rank with arrogance. Osborne has provided confirmation of what they have denied since 2003. They are rotten to the core!

Brave move Tom! Thanks for restoring my confidence in politicians.

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I have gotten a few emails on my personal account because of the screwed-up verification process. I have turned off the validation to make posting easier. I may just post those emails under my name, but would prefer that you resubmit them.


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There is something of a mood-change going on at the moment.

bob c said...

Shows that Madam Dunderdale has not yet attained the skills of PM Harper in her ability to control all of the elected PC members of the House.

"Disengaged". Useful word that.

Would be nice if the PCs, or as I like to call the current PC party, Jr. Conservatives, made efforts to engage the public in a 2-way debate on the many, many serious issues which we, the province of NL and the people of NL face now, and in years to come.

Each year the city has an Open Doors weekend. Perhaps our current governing party could take the opportunity to have at least a few days of "open government".

The people have a right to know the details of the decisions being made and implemented in said House.

It's sometimes said that "the truth will set us free". Truth; Justice; Honesty. MIA in the HofA.