Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So what happened to the cabinet shuffle that the Premier advised her caucus was coming?

Last week, prior to former P.C. MHA Tom Osborne defection to the political wilderness, rumors were swirling of an impending shuffling of the provincial cabinet. In the aftermath of the political upheaval created by Osborne’s departure we learned that the caucus had been told a shuffle was coming.

Well what happened?

Has the premier become a little gun shy? Are there members of caucus whose support she can count on, only if they remain in cabinet or are appointed to cabinet?

Despite the rapid fire pro-Dunderdale, “we are united” rhetoric of caucus members, cabinet ministers, party members and the well rewarded open line callers that are part of the rapid response team – could the truth be that not all of caucus is as loyal as advertised.

While I doubt there are very many members of the caucus that will get all sooky and move out to the political wilderness with Tom, there just may be a few cabinet ministers like Tom Hedderson. Clyde Jackman, Tom Marshall and Kevin O’Brien that might resign their seats  rather than sit in the backbench.

Hence the dilemma, how many by-elections can the Premier afford to fight this fall in the midst of falling polls and the Muskrat Falls Debate.

History has shown the pitfalls involved in shuffling the decks. Premier Wells and Premier Grimes internal undoing came as a direct result of mishandled cabinet shuffles.

Premier Dunderdale may feel like she has her hands tied behind her back but she is the leader and if change is needed she needs to offer the leadership to see it through.


Wm. Murphy said...

Premier Wells and Premier Grimes internal undoing came as a direct result of mishandled cabinet shuffles.

What internal undoing happened to Wells?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if people spreading these swirling rumours know what they are talking about.

Peter L. Whittle said...


It was much quieter than most but i refer to the shuffle when Hubert Kitchen and company were cast out. Created quite a stir. The gang apparently heard about their dismissal on the news. Led to some major disappointment for those looking for advancement and former ministers that were not happy. I'll have to check through some of my personal notes for the details.

Anonymous said...

the rumors are just speculation. I thought the Premier admitted that she was preparing for a shuffle!

@mcmanustheautho said...

Osborne's departure might have a small role but the more likely reason is the arrival of the DC 6 numbers.

While waiting for the Manitoba hydro interpretation, you know the Tory caucus and communications team are at work preparing for the special Muskrat falls debate.

You don't want newbie cabinet ministers fielding questions on something they know absolutely nothing about. This debate will be a full on press by caucus and all cabinet ministers.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.