Friday, September 7, 2012


One of the tightest, best written, informative and most enjoyable blogs on the local scene is Meeker On The Media.

I like Geoff’s style. Reading is a one-way street, but his style flows like a conversation with someone. It is engaging and visceral. Some bloggers use their cyber real estate to talk, Meeker likes to make people think.

For the past few weeks he has focused on the proposed Muskrat Falls development. The series entitled “ Muskrat Media” is a significant contribution to the discussion on the merits of the project.

If you are not a regular reader of “Meeker On The Media” and are interested in learning more about the unanswered questions related to the project, I urge you to read this series.


Wm. Murphy said...

I have certainly taken my pot shots at Meeker in the past and frankly I find his style and arragoance a bit hard to take....but concerning these Posts about MF; I find them well thought out and quite informative.

The real point that needs to be explored in further detail is the deal that Roger Grimes explored with HQ. To be honest, I have never seen the synopsis and detail about the proposed deal until Mr. Meeker layed out the parameters in his Post. I did know the basics, but his break down of the deal and Dean MCDonald's issue with the a first. Good on him for for bringing this to the front. With that said, it begs the question about the deal itself and how that deal could be brought forward during this time. According to the information about the proposed deal..the main reason for this NOT moving forward was the provinces inablity to finance such a deal., it appears that we can in fact finance such a deal. This is the real crux of the argument and something that has not been brought forward during the MF debate. Why not take the Grimes proposal and float this option as a possible alternative. Is there a is a willingness to move power through Quebec this time around? Let's investigate the Grimes option and determine whether we can afford this option? Let's do the investiagtion and determine whether it is viable and doable. There is a minority gov't and maybe the time is in NL favour??

Afterall, the Quebec option is the preferred choice when we talk about power export.

@mcmanustheautho said...

To his credit Meeker is open and makes it clear he opposes Muskrat Falls.

Liberal and NDP MHA's should be as forthcoming.

Dean MacDonald and Siobhan Coady both know the Liberal Leadership is not until 2013, well after the Muskrat debate and passage, so they can keep their support of the project more muted as not to upset the Liberals whose support they will seek later.

Duplicity is alive and well in some potential leaders.