Wednesday, September 12, 2012




Jay L said...

Oy. We have, by many accounts (including one here on this blog), a woefully uninformed electorate. The questions that are unanswered outnumber the questions that are answered. The provincial government, originally so forthcoming with info, have buttoned up and are now not answering any questions except to say, "trust me". "Soon." "We'll let you know".

So in this spirit, where many people can't get an answer to a question, and feel like they do not have the information required to make a decision.... we should all vote?

Holding a referendum doesn't better inform the electorate. Better informing the electorate does.

Cyril Rogers said...

Actually, Jay, the electorate, at least anybody paying attention, is better informed than Ms. Dunderdale and the government regarding the negative impact of this project on our long term financial picture.

They are the ones who are deliberately misleading the public and are rightly afraid of holding a referendum which would expose this project to open scrutiny. The public would be much better informed that way and I believe they would reject this project when presented with the most of the facts.

I am personally vehemently opposed to this project but, if the public votes in favour of it in a referendum, I will accept their decision, even though I believe it would be the worst possible outcome. However, I'd rather have the people of the province decide for or against than a government that has shown it cannot be trusted to present the facts.

jay l said...

Paying what? The debate is as caustic as it comes. There's two firmly entrenched camps, yelling at each other louder and louder, but accomplishing nothing. What should the electorate pay attention to. your opinion? the government's? Mine? No, the debate is uninformed and venomous, and a referendum will only make that worse.

Anonymous said...

Enough arrogance. What is next an IQ test? Every vote is equal, let voters decide for themselves. Like all debates there are different perspectives. In a democracy the voters are always right!

Peter L. Whittle said...


I have gotten a few emails on my personal account because of the screwed-up verification process. I have turned off the validation to make posting easier. I may just post those emails under my name, but would prefer that you resubmit them.


Peter L. Whittle said...


The government should put the deal to popular vote in a referendum. The referendum should be held, even if it is not deemed necessary in legal terms. The purpose would be to ensure popular consent for the proposals. Given the caution in our political culture, that seems an unlikely decision.


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