Wednesday, September 26, 2012


His father served as Prime Minister for four terms, 1000000000000001500000015 years, &10000000000000164000000164 days. It appears all but certain that Justin Trudeau will announce early next week that he wants to follow in his fathers footsteps as the leader of Liberal Party of Canada and Prime Minister.

The Quebec MP is the Liberal Party’s largest fundraiser. While his popularity is yet to reach the heights of the “Trudeaumania”  of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, When he speaks Liberals and the public, from all across the nation, have flocked to dinners, barbeques, meetings, discussions and town hall meetings.

The flock to see a dynamic politician. They dig deep into their pockets to support Canada’s former natural governing party in the hopes that Justin will be the golden boy who leads the revival of the Liberal Party, who can unite the left and free Canada from the grasp of the Harper Conservatives.

Those are high expectations, but Trudeau continues to confound his critics. The privileged underdog is a political paradox. I have listened to him speak to large crowds, lecture halls and at intimate fundraisers. He is articulate, intelligent and charismatic.

The Liberal Party that he wants to lead is a pale reflection of the natural governing party that his father inherited in 1968. The party is as far away from the corridors of power as it has ever been. It is financially challenged and sitting far back in third place in public opinion.

Like his father, Trudeau appears to be a proponent of a “Just Society”. It will be interesting to see how Canadians and Quebecer’s, feel about Trudeau? Will newbie New Democrats flock back to the Liberal Party with a Trudeau at the helm?

Trudeau will be contesting his fathers former love interest, lawyer and University Professor Deborah Coyne, who is the mother of Justin’s half-sister.

Radio-Canada is reporting that he will announce early next week that he will run for the leadership at a news conference in his Montreal riding of Papineau.

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