Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Feeling nostalgic!

American Rock Band Huey Lewis and the News are coming to town!

The 80’s band is on a comeback tour.  They will play Mile One Centre  on Oct. 30th. Tickets for the Mile One show are $29.75, $39.75 and $49.75 plus tax and surcharge.

The tune I remember most was “I want a new drug” released in 1984, from the album Sports.  The song and video came as music videos were taking off in popularity with the twin innovations of cheap video equipment and special effects.

“I want a new drug” and Van Halen’s “Jump” will be forever bouncing through my head.

 I used to wait up for Terry David Mulligan’s “Good Rocking Tonight” to be broadcast after mid-night every Friday on CBC. Out on the Bank in St. Bernard's, we could not receive FM radio, and the AM signal was poor. The best source for tunes in this pre-MP3 world was the rock video.

‘Jump” was the theme for another video show on CBC called ‘Video Hits” with Samantha Taylor that aired everyday at 4:30

What are/were your most memorable/favorite/hated videos of the music video era?

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