Tuesday, September 4, 2012



"There are no passengers on 
spaceship earth. 
We are all crew." -

Marshall McLuhan


It costs a lot more but is organically grown food any better for you?

A study spanning the past four decades  has found that organic meat and produce have no more nutritional value or other health benefits than regularly farmed/butchered/grown foods!

Sustainable farming is helpful for the environment but the some science is pointing away from benefits for individuals eating the organic food.

Surely, I thought, the organic foods are pesticide free. That is the big health benefit for the consumer . Apparently not. Higher pesticide residue was found in conventional fruits and vegetables, but only three of the 237 studies reviews showed residue above allowed limits.

Sound like spin to me? How about no pesticides, forget "allowed limits"

I recall stories years ago about the increased levels of trace chemicals in Beluga Whales in the St. Lawrence River. Man made chemicals  like PCBs and fertilizers were being found at alarming rates. Over the weekend, Scientific American published a story about traces of 232 synthetic chemicals in cord blood samples from 10 different babies of African American, Asian and Hispanic descent born in 2009 in different parts of the United States.

Why would we wonder why cancer rates are so high? Why does the federal government assume new products and ingredients are innocent until proven guilty? What level of poison absorption is safe?

Acceptable levels of poison is still ingesting poison!

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