Friday, September 21, 2012


Good food is like music you can taste!

I love cooking. Having the time to prepare a meal while listening to great music and sipping on a drink is one of my greatest pleasures.  It is also one of those things that gets sacrificed by rushing to my evening job, volunteering or running the kids to their activities.

Fortunately, work is settling down. For the first weekday evening since the return to school, I was able to relax, cook supper, say grace and eat as a family.

I really miss doing that. As a rule, we try to eat together at least three evenings a week. This provides an opportunity to have a civil conversation about the daily going-ons and keeps the lines of communications open.

What did we have for supper? We were all in the mood for Indian. I had put some chicken in a Tandoori marinate (three days) , vegetables simmered in a simple coconut milk curry and a basmati rice. It was yummy! The kids loved it!

Do any of you have any great recipes ideas to share? I love to mix it up!

I am hoping to construct a tandoori oven/fire pit in my backyard this fall.

The family balance is the single most important thing in my life at the moment.

I hope for a more balanced fall!


Anonymous said...


With thee boys and a busy worklife it takes real effort. You need to make time for what's important and commit to that time every day.

Nancy Crozier said...

You've come a long way from the meal you cooked for me on Langevin..I recall that ginger ale was an ingredient.