Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Ocean Power Technologies is in the final lap of testing the America's first commercially licensed grid-connected wave-energy device.

The company has a federal permit for up to 10 generators that will produce energy from the Pacific ocean's swells.

Creative thinking, engineering and designing over the past 15 years has been refined to create an efficient and cost-effective way to tap the energy of the ocean's motion onto a wire and into a hydro grid.

The company plans to launch the first 260-ton buoy generator in October!

If they can develop this technology in Oregon, why can't we be doing something similar here to harness the power of the waves?

Sure it is pioneering technology, but so was wind a few short years ago! If nothing else this development goes to show how much demand there will be in the future fro clean, no fossil fuel generated electricity.

I wonder if the energy mandarins in this province are watching?


Cyril Rogers said...

Peter, our government and the energy gurus at NALCOR are so obsessed with Muskrat Falls that they cannot see any other option as having any merit. In an age where technology is changing at warp speed, it would not surprise me if a technology comes to the forefront, in the relatively near future, that will see a rapid decline in the use of fossil fuels. Where would that leave a costly source of power like MF?

From what I can gather, MF will be one of the most expensive power sources in North America. It can NEVER make any money and will be a constant ratepayer bailout so the lenders, EMERA, NALCOR, AND NL HYDRO will be able to make their 9-10% annually...all at our expense!


Cyril Rogers said...

Peter, the character verification system you are using now is very difficult to decipher, most of the time. I had to enter my verification words three times on my last post.

It used to be so much easier to tell what the characters were. Why the change?

Peter L. Whittle said...


I was not aware anything changed. I hate character verification. I'll look into it


Anonymous said...

Nalcor will not allow any competition from any source, including efficiencies or "demand management", to eat into its uneconomical Muskrat Falls plan.

Muskrat Falls is the death of energy innovation and investment in NL for the next 100 years. Every other province has already overtaken us. Entrepreneurs are not welcome in Nalcorland and Nalcrador.