Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Remember the jokes about the Progressive Conservative Party holding their caucus meetings in  a phone booth following the 1993 federal election when they were reduced to two seats in the entire country? Tough days!

While the orange crush envelops Newfoundland and Labrador this week, the Grits caucus will be gathering to plan strategy for Parliament's return on Sept.17.

The rag-tag 35 member team are huddling in Montebello, Que over the next few days discussing renewal, the leadership, feedback from the summer BBQ circuit and the best strategy for the fall sitting of the House of Commons.

The Liberals punched way above their weight in the first half of 2012, despite the misfortune of last years election and the specter of another leadership.  That work paid off with a jump in the polls but the doldrums of the summer has left them way back in third, just a few points ahead of the 19% they garnered in the last election.

The only person to throw their name into the race for the leaders job over the summer came from outside caucus. Constitutional lawyer and Liberal Stalwart Deborah Coyne announced her candidacy. A full one-fifth of the 35 member Liberal caucus is expected to seek the job including populist Justin Trudeau, , Denis Coderre, Dominic LeBlanc, David McGuinty and Astronaut Marc Garneau.

The Liberals will not be meeting in a phone booth but the emergence of a political superman or superwomen woudl be welcome news.

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