Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Does the outcome justify the means?

An American fighting weapons-smuggling charges is attempting to have charges against him dropped because of "gross government misconduct."

The man fell into an FBI trap, however, the web spun to catch him allegedly saw the FBI reimburse an undercover agent for thousands of dollars spent on brothels - including  places that hired underage girls.

The agent, who wasn't identified, paid up to $2,400 each time he went to brothels with the defendant to reward him for his work in securing weapons to ship to the U.S. without a license.

The case was part of a federal investigation of Asian organized crime groups involved in the illicit trafficking of firearms.

The weapons were eventually loaded onto a ship that arrived at the Port of Long Beach in June 2011 and the items were seized by authorities.

His defense is the government participated in gross indecency to catch me, so the charges should be thrown out.

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