Monday, September 10, 2012


Election on change of Premier

      3.1 Where the leader of the political party that forms the government resigns his or her position as leader and as Premier of the province before the end of the third year following the most recent general election, the person who is elected by the party to replace him or her as the leader of the party and who is sworn in as the Premier of the province by the Lieutenant-Governor shall, not later than 12 months afterward, provide advice to the Lieutenant-Governor that the House of Assembly be dissolved and a general election be held.
2004 c44 s1


Anonymous said...

So lets see they could give her the boot next fall and be in good shape!

I wonder how quick the knives will go into her back! Fun going up, painful coming down!

Anonymous said...

she will be gone before next fall... So will Lorraine

Now the next question...."Who Cares"

followed by: Dwight Ball has left the building.... Lock the door.

followed by: Ron Ellsworth buys a new truck

followed by: 33 essentials for being premier, by Dean Macdonald…

followed by: Dean Macdonald fell flat on his Face…ooops.

Followed by: Dale Kirby… farted

Followed by: whew who Farted….. Dale did

Followed by: Jerome Kennedy is the man to beat

Followed by: Did ya see the beating Jerome took

Followed by: Ryan Cleary ….never mind he’s still paying off his seal vest

Followed by:…. Jack is back…. And he won’t Harris us…

Followed by: when a tree falls on Peter whittle’s fence … does anybody hear

Followed by: my name might be Leslie…but I’m no Hurricane

Anonymous said...

And now with Tom Osbourne having jumped the good ship Kathy, Premier DONEderdalle should hide the cutlery.