Friday, September 14, 2012


St. John's developer, property owner, entrepreneur, cable czar, Danny William's former right arm and potential future Liberal Premier Dean MacDonald is speaking to the St. John's Board of Trade this afternoon.

His speech on the economy, economic potential comes the day after the defection/resignation of long time P.C. MHA Tom Osborne from the Dunderdale caucus. 

The official description of his speech reads "MacDonald will discuss why he feels the business community plays a vital and positive role in the politics and governance of our province."

Many ears and eyes will be glued to his style, substance and responses to reporters questions.

While some prominent liberals like Ed Hollett have been beating MacDoanld up at every opportunity, many more are looking forward to an official announcement that he will be seeking the Provincial Liberal Leadership.

No doubt he has the vision and substance needed to put forward an alternative to the governing Progressive Conservatives.  MacDonald is part of a Liberal Renewal Committee that is touring the province strengthening the grassroots  on the road  to rebuilding,  consulting, enhancing the party policy platform, ramping up fund-raising and membership efforts, and modernizing and party structure.

Many see him as the person best able to retire the debt, breathe new life into the party and attract candidates that have been reluctant to support the party in this period of Progressive Conservative domination decline.

Dynamic new leaders are tall orders. 

It is hard to think of anyone more dynamic than Dean MacDonald to lead the Liberal Party.


Anonymous said...

Dynamic Dean...I cannot understand how the Liberal Renewal Committee is only attracting so few people as they travel around this Province. Understand some of the places where people were invited only a dozen or so showed up. I would think if he were as dynamic as you think people would be breaking down doors just to see him.

Anonymous said...

Just finished "the problem with Dean MacDonald "Rock Solid etc by Brad Cabana".I could not disagree with one word an excellent article. Felt the same about that man from day one. Many people do and will show him how dynamic he really is when the opportunity arises.

Wm. Murphy said...

Ed Hollett is a "prominent Liberal"?

Is that so? I thought you knew the guy? Ed only worked for Clyde and through my sources in the know, Ed has done virtually SFA when it comes to the Party or its organization. He has never ever been a Party person or certainly not a prominent one!!

The only "prominence" that we will see is Mr. Hollett's bottom lip and furrowed brow when Dean becomes the Leader of the Party. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Dynamic Deanny. If I had wanted to vote for Danny Williams, I'd have voted for him in the first place. Dean should stick with the one who brung him, and go for PC leader.

Wm. Murphy said...

prominent liberals like Ed Hollett

Really? Hollett is prominent Liberal? Nothing could be further thasn the truth

Peter L. Whittle said...

Just to correct the record. Dean has always been a liberal supporter. During the Tobin years he raised a great deal of money for the party as did Ed Williams.

Blood is obviously thicker than water and personal friendships trump anything else. I have helped more than a few friends from all three parties with messaging, campaign organization and financing.

I do not recall Dean working for with any other candidates but Liberal Candidates. In fact during Williams reign he spoke often at Liberal fundraisers.

Sorry but your assertion holds no substance. MacDonald obviously, was persona no grata in the established (what was left of it) post -2003 liberal circles.

Anonymous said...

If Dean wants the daunting task of pulling this rag-tag team of back biting, lazy, self-absorbed band of malcontents into a uniformed organization with a common purpose - let him go for it!

@mcmanustheautho said...

The muck on Dean MacDonald will come out if he chooses to run.

Peter L. Whittle said...

the muck? always the muck