Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Drug labs, drug busts, crack houses and another stabbing in the downtown leaves a man in hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Just another weekend on the streets of St. John's. These are the type of stories one might have heard when our main source of cable news was beaming to us from Detroit. Now they are becoming daily stories  on our own door steps.

It seems every day we are inundated with news stories about  home invasions, stabbings in the down town, daily drug busts, shoot-outs, homicides, armed robberies, violent home invasions, break and enters, drug related crime, random stabbings on streets and in malls, assaults - violent crime seems to be on the rise.

I recall last year trying to make sense of a comment that was made by Bob Johnston, the Chief of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary along the lines that a 17% increase in violent crime, the most significant increase in the country, did not mean the City was becoming a dangerous place.

How do you feel about your personal safety in St. John's? Do you feel safer in your home now than in years past? Do you feel safer walking at night than you did in years past? Do you feel that violent crime is on a downward trend?

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