Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Barring the emergence of a secret recording the compromises incumbent American President Obama, the American Election is pretty much a foregone conclusion.

The potential for a real tight election, even a potential Republican win may have been derailed by Republican Mitt Romeny’s exposure of himself as a rightwing bigot who could care less about 47% of the American population’s need.

The revelation via a secret recording in which Romney tells  right wing donors that he has no interest in 47 per cent of the US electorate, as they are all dependent on the state, expect the government to provide and see themselves as victims.

Some are saying this is the biggest political screw up of all time. Others are saying it will energize the right in an election year, galvanizing their support and ensuring they vote with a fundamentalist zeal. That strategy counts on the 47% that Romney could care less about staying home because, well they do not care or are too last to cast a ballot.

I am firmly in the FUBAR corner! How a candidate, aspiring to unite the nation could make such a cold statement during an election campaign just blows the mind. Obviously the Republicans have picked a political dud. The episode just goes to confirm the concerns that derailed Romney’s bid for the nomination four years ago.

The recording further divides and alienates the Republicans. It paints them as uncaring. It also exposes the significant socio economic rifts that exist in the land of milk and honey. How could a person who wants to lead the country write off so many of the people he wants to lead?

It is a shocking indictment of his leadership potential. The Tea Party and the Occupy movement might have evolved out of opposite parts of the political spectrum, but the nexus – big government or big business, which are often interconnected, is much the same. He has isolated both!

Has Romney blown it? Perhaps, so. This is a close election and if he has isolated those that were wavering in their support of Obama, than he is toast.

That said, a day, let a lone two months is a long time in politics.

Game changers come and go.

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Gosh darn it, politics sure as heck is interesting in the best Gall dern country in the warld.