Monday, September 17, 2012


L-R - Aidan Whittle, Dr. Aidan Maloney & Avalon & MP. Scott Andrews.

Our Sunday drive this week took us up the Southern Shore over to Trepassey   

We had been planning the trip for a few weeks. Pop Maloney used to represent the area in the House of Assembly and was looking forward to a return visit.

Coincidentally, Avalon Liberal M.P. Scott Andrews was holding his annual barbeque and corn boil at the recreation center in Trepassey. It was the same day as pop was elected to the House of Assembly in 1966!

Aiden Maloney has been a volunteer for all of his life. He has served a wide-range of volunteer organizations dedicated to health-related fundraising, sports and recreation, heritage and culture, education and health. He has undertaken many responsible roles at the local regional, provincial, national and international levels.  He represented the Ferryland district from 1966 to 1971 when he retired. He was the last Liberal to win the provincial district!
When we came around the bend on route 10 approaching the town from the east and saw the crowd, I was pleasantly surprised. The Trepassey Social Center was packed to the rafters. The parking lot was full, cars were parked along the road. In fact, I passed right by thinking there must be a hockey game or something on the go.

In fact, this was the turn-out for Scott’s corn boil! We arrived just as his speech was winding down.

If this kind of turn-out in a non-election year is any indication of the support that Scott enjoys in that part of his riding, he is sitting pretty comfortable.

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