Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Wow! I am overwhelmed, bowled over even.

The realization that one has bitten off more than one can chew is causing me to panic. Too many commitments and not enough time!

 Ranking priorities and saying no has never been my strong suit. Somehow it works itself out. This fall, there is just not enough time in the day to honor commitments to family and work, let alone the numerous volunteer activities I have taken on. The balance between work, home and volunteerism is way out of whack.

The biting off more than I can chew analogy seems particularly apt. metaphorically, my mouth is full, I can swallow and hope not to choke – or spit it all out and start over again. Either way it makes for some stressful decisions.

Forging ahead, hoping that I can strike a balance will only mean doing a mediocre job at a bunch of things. The responsible thing is to share the load, pass on some responsibilities and let some other people lead the charge. It sounds much easier than it will be in practice.

Blindly pressing on is a recipe for disaster.

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