Monday, September 10, 2012


Tropical Storm Leslie is on a track to cause the province a few headaches over the next 48 hours or more.

Proactively, the provincial government issued a hurricane preparedness advisory last week. One can only hope that people take the proper precautions.

The latest projections are predicting lots of rain and strong winds. In fact, a low pressure trough in advance of the storm has already caused flooding problems on the West Coast and in Nova Scotia. There are some pictures on CBC Meteorologist Ryan Snodden's website.

The eye of the storm will most certainly make land on the South Coast of the province. The storm is 800 km wide. That means it is going to affect most of the island. It's size may prevent it from spinning back up to Hurricane status but temperatures offshore have been much higher than normal which could provide the elements needed to gain strength.

It should make for an interesting 48 hours.

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