Thursday, September 27, 2012


With friends like these, who needs enemies.

From the land of the gun toting, learn to fire a rifle before you can walk, god fearing, fight for the right to bear arms comes a story of stupidly and the end of a good friendship.

A Sunday night football game Spc. Patrick Edward Myers house ended with one of his guests getting their face blown off. Seems that the guest developed a case of the hiccups. Patrick, who had been drinking, had the cure all right!

In an attempt to scare the crap out  of  him (and make the hiccups go away) Paddy boy pointed a gun at the man's face. The gun was discharged, killing the man. End of those annoying hiccups! Pat thought the gun was loaded with dummy rounds!

Drinking, football and guns really do not mix.

Myers did not report to work as a soldier at Ford Hood this week. He is in a Texas jail waiting after being charged with manslaughter.

Bail has been $1 million.

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