Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Well, news from home!

We finally have our power back.

As Captain Kirk would utter after a battle, “Damage Report”

We emerged relatively unscathed. A neighbor’s Maple Tree snapped off, tumbled over and smashed down a section of my fence. Outside of the fence, I have nothing to report in terms of damage.

We lost our electricity but as of this morning, the power was back-up. Last night the kids did homework by candlelight and were all tucked into bed early.

This storm was all wind, barely any rain. The winds were strong. Lots of wind damage. Lots of roofs lost shingles some roofs blew of all together and trees were felled, or de-limbed throughout the region.

By mid-afternoon the event was over. The kids enjoyed a hot sunny day off. We went to Gerry’s for supper. A yummy beef stew over a propane stove! Who needs electricity?

The real impact of the storm for me came today. The day off from work meant things pilled up at work. Overtime again tonight!  On top of that I had to post-pone the swearing in of the new Knights of Columbus Executive. Not only can I not make it, the loss of hydro meant it was impossible to prepare reports.

I took a few great pictures yesterday that I will try and post when time allows, perhaps this evening.

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