Thursday, August 2, 2012


Nope, not a chance, forget it!

That is the response from the Prime Minister to calls from provincial and territorial leaders to attend a first ministers meeting on the economy in November.

Premiers at the Council of the Federation meetings in Halifax last week said they need to sit down with Harper to get a better sense of Canada's position in turbulent economic times. It appears that joining together to request a meeting with the leader of the national government was a wasted effort!

In his defense, the PMO says the boss has endured 74 individual meetings with the leaders of the provinces/territories since 2010.

A rationale for not meeting with the leaders as a group stumps me but when it comes to economic issues, Canadians appear to trust the Prime Minister.  A recent poll showed that 56 per cent of Canadians approve of the Conservative government’s management of the economy. That is 10 per cent more than approve of Harper as Prime Minister!

While only 47 per cent of Canadians approve of Stephen Harper, 56 per cent approve of the Conservative government’s management of the economy. That is not a number to sneeze at! They appear to have swallowed the Conservative spin that their leadership led Canada to emerge from the global recession relatively well-off.

Taylor Scallon, a communications strategist with Counsel Public Affairs, refutes the Conservative mantra with a little fact check in a column found at iPolitics today.  Like many Liberals, Scallon says the party has surrendered the issue of the economy to Conservatives, allowing the spin to go unchallenged. It is an informative article.

For critics in this province who question Premier Dunderdale's ability to get face time with Stephen Harper, it shows that she is not alone. The Prime Minister appears to have a healthy disdain for regional and provincial matters.

 It is a clear signal that this era of unilateralism will continue

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