Sunday, August 19, 2012


Speaking of reading, I stumbled on a good read this afternoon at Chapters.

I am a big reader of Brian Fagan, Jared Diamond, David Suzuki and Holly Dressel. The concept that we have evolved beyond our needs, destroying other species and the planet as we go, is of great interest to me. The stories of how we have altered this planet and the impact it will have on the very survival of our species are gripping, at times paralyzing.

Some people find Dr. David Suzuki a little preachy. I grew up watching The Nature of Things. I trust Suzuki. Sure, he is  somewhat self-referential but lets face it, he told us so ....much before Al Gore and others adopted the green vernacular.

The latest offering from  the pioneering environmental activist is entitled The Big Picture. It is collection of columns from the online site Science Matters.

From Naked Ape to Super Species really woke me up. How could we screw up the earth so badly. It pointed out just how arrogant we are.  The CBC Radio/TV series really opened peoples eyes to the reality of climate change. It helped make the environment top of mind which in turn put environmental awareness on top of the policy agenda.

The follow-up was Good News for a Change – How Everyday People are Helping the Planet which was about people around the world who were making a difference in the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices.  Individuals, groups, countries and even corporations could make a difference, if the tried.

Of course, that was until the Harper Conservatives arrived with a couple of minorities and now the anti-science majority has taken hold. The Conservatives fiddle while Rome burns. As our planet approaches a catastrophic breakdown, we need activists like Suzuki to keep reminding people/government that our the environment should hold a central consideration  in their decisions and actions.

We are at an unprecedented moment in history. As we rapidly head towards the tipping point, the point of no return, we need to try and get back on track. We are not going to find a substainabile future by burying our collective heads in the sand.

I'll let you know how the Big Picture stacks up. Some how I do not think that I will be disappointing.

This is an important message. A message of hope and a call to each of us as individuals to comprehend that our planet will die if we do not act..if we do not change as individuals…we are truly at a crossroads.

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