Saturday, August 18, 2012


"When a regime begins to fall, anywhere in the world, what is the first sign of panic? The first sign of desperate people clinging desperately hard to power? They turn inwards. They refuse to acknowledge the opposition around them. They become insular and isolated. They ignore the art of compromise and embrace their tools of power. Power has become their only reason and purpose. They crack down firstly on those that ferment the descent. They try to isolate them, marginalize them, demonize them, and when all this fails, as it inevitably does to those that attempt to halt just progress, they turn inward." - Brad Cabana


Wm. Murphy said...

You have got to be fu&^ing kidding Peter to even mention this crap. I read the post and could not believe that this crack pot mentioned NL politics in the same breath as what is or has happened in Syria, Egypt, Yugoslavia, South Africa and East Germany....???

Sure we have problems with our democracy in this province, but to somehow draw the comparison or genesis is nothing but lunacy.

Just think about the inference as it relates to Eygpt and Syria and NL politics. Cabana is a complete and utter basket case who's writings are so out in left field that he cannot even see the infield.

To refernce this shit on your blog is disapointing and wrong

Peter L. Whittle said...

Murphy, I guess Cabana will have not mark you down as....doubtful..

I thought is deserved some enhanced exposure

Wm. Murphy said...

why would you think that it deserved enhanced exposure? the analogy between Syriaa nd eygypt on the decline of democracy is shocking.

I would like to hear your reasons as to why these analogies are in any way relevant to what is happening in NL?

NL...thank God does not have to set up morgues as we deal with our lack of democracy or the "fall out" of regimes beginning to fall.

The thought that you would provide a vehicle to enhance Cabana's exposure on his Post is quite shocking.

You are right...I am doubtful when someone mentions Syria in the same breath/Post as Nl....evidently you have no problem in connecting those dots if you want to "enhance" his exposure

Peter L. Whittle said...


I do not think you will find that I have expressed my opinion on the piece at all. In fact, I put it out there for others to read and gauge their opinions on the author's point of view.

It will be interesting to learn how many others feel the way you do, or as someone said to me yesterday "that hollett and Cabana really knows their stuff"

I am not connecting the dots only showing them.

Anonymous said...

Brad has been right more than he has been wrong. Just cause he is from away does not mean his observations is wrong. He brings a lot to the local debates, open-lines and news.

@mcmanustheautho said...

Until there is a single unified opposition to this government then that government will continue.

There are several fractured movements to oppose the Dunderdale government, each with their own purposes and design.

The opposition is fracturing itself and the Tory government knows it.

50% opposition split 4 ways is only 12.5% each. Governing party easily maintains power.

There needs to be a unifying figure for the discontent.

Anonymous said...

I am not impressed with Dunderdale, however Cabana's remarks are the ravings of a ...... well you get my point.