Friday, August 17, 2012


Wow! Has VOCM Backtalk ever picked up it's game this week.

Move over Q and The Current!

I am not suggesting it needed to, Paddy is top drawer in my books. He calls it as he sees it, his on-line personality is entertaining and engaging, he challenges callers to defend their points of view, he separates the grit from the pith and chaff.

This week Paddy has been joined by Globe & Mail columnist & NL ex-pat Tim Powers.

Tim is a lecturer in the Faculty of Communications at the University of Ottawa. He is also a media commentator, ROB TV, CTV News Net, Tim also writes for The Hill Times newspaper.

Sure he is a Conservative strategist, but you know that up front. He is also Vice-President of Summa Communications. He provides advice to a diverse group of clients in the public and private sector. That is how he pays the bills.

He knows his stuff and has brought along the cream of the crop in Canadian journalism to Backtalk this week.

Every afternoon, a national media star has joined the boys for a chat about politics, the media and the Olympics. It was very insightful to hear how some of the top reporters in the country perceive issues and report the news.

Good on VOCM.

It certainly is great for their listeners across the province!


@mcmanustheautho said...

You neglected to mention Tim Powers is John Crosbie's nephew and former staffer.

Nepotism can take you far.

But it does not make it right.

Peter L. Whittle said...

What does the fact that he worked for Crosbie or is related to him have to do with anything?

He certainly made his own way in Ottawa, worked hard for his education and is well respected. I may not agree with the Conservative Party of Canada on a lot of fronts, but I respect his skill, ability and successes.

Anonymous said...

Also, former registered paid lobbyist for Nalcor.

Anonymous said...

Paddy is a vast improvement over Bill Rowe.

@mcmanustheautho said...

By nepotism and family connections he has received opportunities that other, equally qualified, individuals, may have not been priviledged to receive.

They may have even been denied.

And it is wrong.

Anonymous said... about sour grapes. Whether you agree with Powers or not, it cannot be denied that he is knowledgable on any number of topics, especially those of the political realm. Nothing upsets those on the left of the spectrum more than somebody from the other side having a voice. Those who don't want to listen to Powers or Daley can always tune into Bill Rowe's show which is friendly to the left leaning listeners/callers. The grownups will tune into Backtalk.