Wednesday, August 15, 2012


There is not a great deal of job security in politics. Your job is often tied directly to the re-election of an individual or a party. Your expected to throw yourself on a political grenade to save the boss. If your boss messes up and is forced to resign, often your job disappears as well.

It takes a special kind of person to work in that kind of environment. With the exception of the NDP (nationally) there are no unions and very little protection from horrible bosses.

All of the pales in comparison to the risks of working for politicians in Thailand. Chanakarn Detkard, 46, a personal assistant to a senator was shot and killed after his boss “accidentally” discharged a submachine gun in a restaurant.

While waiting for food, Senator Boonsong took out a 9mm Uzi submachine gun. He told police the gun accidentally discharged and his secretary was shot in the stomach.   

Police have yet to arrest the senator as he is protected by parliamentary privilege.

I guess former Vice-president Dick Cheney is not the only politician that should not be able to carry a gun!

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