Tuesday, August 21, 2012


In this part of the world, a nice tan, some expensive clothing and some gold jewelry is often taken as a sign of prosperity. Health, wealth and leisure!

In China, a dark tan is considered a sign of outdoor work in the hot sun. It is a sign of the peasantry. Pale skin is a sign of prosperity and success.

 Alina Zhoa, a college student in the U.S. who grew up in China told  NBC News. "Getting tanned means you work outside in the fields a lot, so skin color is like an indicator of your social status. The fairer you are, the wealthier or more respected you seem."

So the well to do in Shandong province dawn their facekinis and head to the beach!

Forget bikinis, the light cloth version of a ski mask is worn with long -sleeved shirts to provide to provide protection from the sun and the terror of the tan. They are also extremely effective at repelling insects and jellyfish.

They look a lot like our mummers or something from the movie Kick-Ass!

The sun can be a  harmful thing to your skin. How far would you go to protect yourself from UV rays?

I wonder if the facekini will be all the rage at Northern Bay Sands and the Roary Sunshine Park next year?

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