Monday, August 6, 2012


VOCM news ran a story yesterday afternoon that I expected might have gotten more coverage in the other provincial media today.

Advanced Skills and Education Minister Joan Burke responded to St. John's North MHA Dale Kirby's concerns about the expected closure of the province's career employment centers.

(VOCM) August 05 - 2012:
The New Democrats are worried the province may be prepping to close career employment centres. The more than 90 offices across Newfoundland and Labrador provide things like labour market information, employment counselling, and job search placement skills. The province inherited the centres in 2009 from the feds. Dale Kirby says there's some uncertainty around the future of the offices with employees telling him they've been instructed to take all their outstanding vacations and use their overtime. Kirby says it would be a poor time for the centres to close considering we're hearing alot about a skilled labour shortage.< (He says unless there's some genuine redundency but that hasn't been demonstrated. Kirby says there's a high unemployment rate so there's lots of people in need of job matching and advice around keeping jobs.) The Minister of Advanced Education and Skills says the province is evaluating services offerred at the centres. Joan Burke says the goal is to find the best way to deliver the same services through either the EAS offices or the career development offices. Burke says the analysis is ongoing.


Wm. Murphy said...

maybe they should close...i think i heard Kirby moaning about the student centres closing however his argument was a joke.

The uptake for people visiting bricks and mortar looking for employment advise and counselling is almost non existent. I wish mopes like Kirby would stop their bull shit and concentrate on areas that need attention.

Speaking of mopes, I noticed that the biggest MHA mope is at it again. Just imagine asking for Kamenski's resignation because employees from Eastern Health were caught accesing file they were not supossed to be accessing.

My God the level of Opposition is frightening

Peter L. Whittle said...

They are not Student Centers and the take-up is very high. That is the issue..

Of course the writing was on the all for these when the Federal government transferred the responsibility for training to the provinces. Government has to look at areas of duplication and find efficiencies. In this case, the delivery model is the challenge.

As well, organizations that have benefited from offering these programs have become reliant on the funding leaving them without a source of dollars to keep the lights on and the rent paid.

It will be interesting to watch.

Anonymous said...

Just read Mr Murphy's comments. I certainly agree with every word. Regarding Kirby he spends a lot of time on the talk shows and I cannot get to the radio fast enough to shut him up, same think to be said about Bennett. Their actions speak louder than words, hungry for power, but, hopefully you can only fool some of the people some of the time time, etc.

Peter L. Whittle said...

Personalities aside, I think opposition MHA's have a responsibility to raise these issues.

One of the tougher things about being in opposition is that you often come off as being negative. In question period and in the media you are constantly criticizing government policy and operations.

That is the role of the opposition in a Westminister democracy!

Wm. Murphy said...

That's right Peter..their role is is to oppose...but their role is not to be an idiot and a mope. I would check your facts about the uptake of employment centres....from my sources the traffic is decreasing considerably each year. There is considerable duplication of out reach and services and it needs to change to reflect today's habbits of people looking for employment.

My comment about the student centre illustrated that Kirby was making the same noise about the travesty and drama of closing these centres...while not having a sweet clue what he is talking about. The closure of the student centres never cause a fact they saved tax payers money. On this issue he is muttering the same bullshit without doing his research. Informed that's the role of the opposition in a Westminister democracy!

Peter L. Whittle said...

The take-up is exceeding available resources for funding. That tells me a lot about demand.

I do not get the impression anyone is questioning the demand for the programs and the services, at issue is the delivery mechanism.

Like I said, was obvious since the transfer that there would be a change. I am interested in seeing here this all goes, purely from public administration perspective.