Tuesday, August 21, 2012


“Our government welcomes opinions 
from anybody and everybody…”

Steve Kent
On Point   
August 20th

No matter what your view of the proposed Muskrat Falls Development,  people have been utterly disappointed with Steve Kent’s performance during “On Point” over the weekend.

Kent’s mudslinging and smirks on the “On Point” panel infuriated me. It seems that it is impossible to have any dissenting voice against Muskrat falls unless there is a personal gain to be had by doing so. 

Trying to sully the name of Richard Cashin, Cabot Martin and Ed Hearn specifically angered me. These people have worked to help the province and the people of this province, and just because they don’t agree with you it means it must be time to get out the dirt! 

I hope that the people of this province can take the high road, no matter what you think of this project I hope people say, “I want this to live or die based on merit”. 

I for one am thankful that there is a new group in 2041 that is willing to come out and say what the problems with this project are. I am glad that they have the knowledge, expertise and resources to make some noise and hold the government’s feet to the fire. 

When I first learned about this project I was very supportive. As  time went by, I learned more and I started to worry. This performance by Kent  makes me even more worried for our future. I know that debate around this project is polarizing, but honestly with something this big and this important we need to stop and look at the facts.

I hope to God that for once in our history we can do this, that we can put political leanings aside as a people and do what’s best for us. 

If information comes out that proves that Muskrat is the best option in the long run, then I will be supportive.  However, until the PUB can do a full study and all the information that has been requested is made public, it’ll be hard to sway me.

This is why we need 2041 and need a strong opposition. The information needs to be brought to light even though the government will be kicking and screaming the whole time it is happening.

If you are a proponent of this project, don’t let the tone of Kent and other government MHA’s be good enough. If you believe in this then show me the facts, the numbers, and why the alternatives aren’t the answer.

Let the facts speak for themselves and leave this school yard level nonsense stay in the playground. 


Jay L said...

I'm not defending Steve Kent, as I agree with you on his communications skills.

However, once Richard Cashin uttered "jackboots" he lost every ounce of credibility he ever had. WHat utter foolishness. Can't we have a debate in this province without someone hysterically screaming NAZIS? Cashin is a Neanderthal and an idiot.

Peter L. Whittle said...

I think the comments are more a reflection of Chasin's vintage and union experience.

Considering the fact that this government has been fairly successful in stifling debate and access to information, the boot analogy works.

It is not a comparison to NAZIs but certainly to dictatorial approaches. The stereotypical image of a tin pot dictator is what it is.

Considering bill 29, closure in the House of Assembly, the way the opposition offices are funding, limiting access to public officials for elected MHA's and the list is much broader, the comments work for me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jay L on this one.

Jay L said...

If you can't make an argument without invoking a regime that gassed a few million people just for kicks.... you automatically lose the argument.

Anonymous said...

What about "quisling"?

Jay L said...

Excellent question.

Unless you personally overthrow a Scandinavian country and assist the occupying forces to follow in murdering your own countrymen, and oh yes, helping them to round up the Jewish folks for extermination.... you probably aren't a quisling.

It's hyperbole, pure and simple. Trouble is, politics is long on hyperbole and short on reasoned debate.

Peter L. Whittle said...


come on boy, Jack Boots are often though of as part of the dictator ensemble.

Sigfreid from Get Smart! Lots of puppet leaders seem to wear them for some reason.

I think it is a stretch to tie the comment directly to Hitler, but certainly it does evoke images of fascist dictators like Franco and Mussolini, Chevez and the like or Sacha Baron Cohen.

At issue is a heavy handed government approach that is designed to produce a desired outcome without any real respect for the democratic process. In effect the are using the letter of law to defeat the Westminister system. The power of a majority government.

Extreme language, I suppose but I am put off by it.

I certainly do understand why you would be put off.

Jay L said...

Let me quote from your original post:

"Let the facts speak for themselves and leave this school yard level nonsense stay in the playground."

Peter L. Whittle said...

The term Quisling has been knocked around on P&P a fair amount going back to my comments about the THREE PC MP's that acted like Quislings taking the side of Ottawa over the people that elected them.

Whatever the root of term, Quisling has become a term associated with sycophantic behavior or servile self-seeker. Other similar words include Benedict Arnold. I prefer Quisling. Some like to use the term Judus.

As for what it brings to the debate, I suppose passion, emotion. Obviously, pure logic does not appear to resonate on it's own. Some people genuinely feel that democracy is at stake when the perceive that governments approach governing like they are in a totalitarian regime.

I suppose one could be more civil, but the terms strike an image if an ministration that is acting undemocratic and the wedge opens the way to other