Thursday, August 16, 2012


Some foolish drunk in the Goulds has been spending too much time playing Grand Theft Auto.

The incident might be funny if the potential for harm to an individual in distress was not so serious!

A 56 year old could not resist the lure of  an ambulances whirling lights and and blaring sirens after paramedics arrived in Meadowbrook Park in the Goulds last evening. While the paramedics rushed to the aid of some ill person, the man hopped aboard the ambulance and took it for a joy ride!

Fortunately, the delay did not have any adverse impact on the patient and the ambulance was not damaged.

He was charged with impaired driving and joyriding.

I think they should throw the book at him. What if the emergency had been life or death! This stunt could have cost someone their life.What is next, stealing a firetruck from the scene of a fire!

The IDIOT  will appear in court today where he will undoubtedly be surrounded by photographers and video cameras. His image will be splattered over the newspapers and the evening news.

The hang-over might pass but the infamy and embarrassment will linger on.


Nancy Crozier said...

"A 56 year old could not resist the lure of an ambulances whirling lights and blaring sirens..."

Surely you meant a 5-6 year old!

Jay L said...

Unfortunately, despite much public outcry and non-stop anti drinking and driving ads, it keeps on going. Why? Because there's not really much punishment. The penalties for poaching a salmon are more severe than impaired driving.

No book will be thrown at this guy. He'll get a license suspension during which he will continue to drive, and he will get a big fine that he will not pay.