Thursday, August 2, 2012


The province's second largest health board has fired one employee for allegedly accessing the personal health records of  of more than 1,043 people.

Western Health says the disgraced clerk isn't facing any criminal charges.

It makes me wonder how much unnecessary snooping is carried out by public and private employees at businesses that gather and store our intimate personal details. If you were working with sensitive information and could pull-up your brother, ex-husband or neighbors financial information at a click of a button, would you? What motivates people to snoop like this?

Humans are naturally curious about things. One might think that the urge to snoop would abate as one matures and grows into adulthood.

It appears that some entitled public servants feel that databases full of  personal health information are their personal Facebook pages. They seem to take the same approach to your personal information that they might take to your medicine cabinet or closet.

Obviously,  security safeguards designed to protect our personal information from loss and from unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure, or other misuse,  are working. Notification demonstrates to the public that the organization takes the security of personal information seriously, and is working to protect affected individuals from the harms that could result from a data breach.

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