Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It was just Conor and I for supper.

Kristine and Aidan have been away all week at a Shallaway Summer Camp. Liam is over at buddy's house. I have been in a daze all week.

Conor asked me this morning if we could have homemade fish cakes, beans, ceaser salad and cunchy mozza garlic bread. He even suggested some mustard pickles for me (he loves ketchup with his fish cakes and I love mustard pickles).

I had made some fish cakes late last week, so it was not a tall order. It did provide us with some one on one time to discuss life, back to school and the future.

Conor told me that he was actually happy that my tooth had to be pulled because it meant we could spend some time together this week. I thought we had spend some great times together this summer on our extended weekends but he said I am never home to cook supper and tell him stories about Rustie Goo Goo and the Raw Hide Kid anymore.  He was right, I have been punching close to 70 hours a week working over the summer. 

Evening one on one time has been the big sacrifice. Even with my volunteer commitments, I normally am home in time to cook supper, talk over the dinner table, share as story and say good night. That has not been the case over the last few months. 

I think it is time to rethink some priorities.

More fish cakes and Rusty Goo Goo and less time away from the boys in the evening.

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Anonymous said...

You are a man a father and darn good person... IF.... we all were so wise.... Cheers