Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The lazy days of August are even lazier for me.

I have spent the last couple of days waiting for some anti-biotics to settle down a wee infection resulting from some grueling dental surgery that I had on Saturday.

A few weeks ago, I chomped on to cherry pit while eating a slice of pie. The pit cracked the crown on a molar that had been fixed nearly ten years ago.  I had hoped that a new crown was possible, but reconstruction was not possible - the tooth had fragmented!

This tooth had caused me some issues in the past. Nearly ten years ago, I had my first (and only) root canal. An inflamed nerve (blamed it on hot wings) led to the root canal and a thousand dollars worth of work. The pit flushed that all down the toilet.

"Your not going to like me much after today", my dentist informed me in his Scottish accent. "We can't save it. Pulling it is not going to be easy sonny. It will be like pulling a headless nail out of a piece of wood. Nasty stuff". He was right, it made for a couple of tough hours in his chair.

By Sunday night, the fun was just beginning. Swelling, shooting pain and trouble swallowing led me right back to the dentist again. "O buddy, your not gonna be my pal after today", he says. Another half an hour of scrapping. "This should do her" he exclaimed, as he handed me a prescription for antibiotics, pain killers and a note for work.

"Take her easy for the next couple of days - no drinking or work, you will be fine in a day or so"

Christ, there is nothing like a tooth ache, except for this post operative jaw ache.

On the bright side, I get to listen to VOCM Open-line as the government MHA's parade the official talking points fro the Muskrat Falls Project - a province that controls it's energy future, controls its economic future.

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