Friday, August 24, 2012


Nothing like a healthy dose of hypocrisy to feed the fires of cynicism towards politicos in the country.

The Liberals, who have been honking mad over the use and abuse of so called "robocalls" in the last federal election, have been fined for use of an automated robocall in the last federal election.

The  Liberal Frank Valeriote team in Guelph employed the use of a  phone message from a fictitious woman telling voters in the riding that the Conservative candidate  opposed abortion. The problem was the failed to identify the campaign as the sponsor - a violation of the Telecommunications Act!

Valeriote's riding association was fined  $4,900 and has to implement a compliance and training program for campaign volunteers for future campaigns.

The Pierre Poutine mystery may go unsolved as the folks in red surge try and get to the bottom of other attempts voter suppression and misleading calls but for the record, Canadians know that the only crew caught red handed were the Liberals.

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