Tuesday, August 14, 2012


In this province, climate dictates when we build, farm, fish and do road repairs.

We have no choice but to make hay while the sun shines.

May-October is the prime season for road repair and construction. I certainly understand that there is a window of opportunity in which to pave and pour concrete. What I do not understand is why contractors and government do not maximize that period to ensure a minimum of interference for users of our highway and road infrastructure.

Case in point, all of the road construction work going on in the city this summer. It is great to see these needed projects being completed, but why does it seem that advisories are not posted so motorists can avoid the areas under construction or that the construction is scheduled around peak traffic periods.

Yesterday on the way back into the city a car accident on the Outer Ring necessitated a detour down Kenmount Road. There was no notice of repair work on that stretch of road on the City website! it appeared to be the most efficient route to follow.

Instead, I drove into a traffic jam, the likes of which I had never experienced in the city. Traffic crawled, there were several accidents as impatient drivers tried to get out of the slowdown. Turns out that the source of the slowdown was some unannounced  "scratch-and-patch repairs and paving". It took me 45 minutes to get down to the turn-off to get back onto the Outer Ring Road.

Can some one please tell me why contractors in this city do not do this work at night when traffic is lighter! I have lived in major cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. They seem to get it right.  It would seem so much more efficient. I do not ever recall coming across night work sites here.Why not build clauses into the contracts enforcing 7 P..M to 7 A.M. construction zones (in non residential areas)?

Instead, crews seem to begin at rush hour in the morning and finish just after the evening rush hour is finished? What gives?  Imagine if fishermen and farmers worked only between 7 AM to 7 PM, they would never make a living.

A little better communication and adopting night construction would eliminate a lot of needless aggravation for residents of the city


Jay L said...

While you can do highway construction at night, and many places do, you absolutely cannot do that where you are near residential areas. IN a place like St. John's, that's just about everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Most of the major construction in this city this summer is in non- residential areas: IE. Outer Ring Road, Kenmount Road, cross town arterial, Harbour apron.

If they can run street cleaners and snow clearing operations at night, why not paving operations.

Stop making excuses for this crowd of poor planners.

Anonymous said...

Florida does a great job of this as well but it requires investments that local pavers aren't prepared to make. Govt should just make night time work a requirement in tendering...when faced with losing the cash cow of govt road work the companies will have to adapt. Also: judging the speed of constructing the overpass in Paradise it's a good thing we'll never host an Olympics. Who's the brainwave in charge of that?