Thursday, July 19, 2012


Scooters have almost become the bane of my existence!

Scooters are cheap fun toys that provide a pretty cool way for kids to get around, right?

Apparently, cheap is not what my boys want! While they may have replaced bikes as a desired way to get around town, they are eclipsing skate boards at skate parks, as the best medium for tricks.

My boys, and the neighbor’s, have been spending more time at the city’s skate parks. Scooters like bikes have gone upscale. The extreme sport revolution has spawned innovative designer scooters that sell for as much as $700! (and more)

My guys argue that the more expensive scooters are safer because they are built to with stand the harder impacts and provide the flexibility needed for tricks!  All I hear is debates about wheels, bars, forks, decks, grips and over the various brand names!

So much for the wallymart or Zellers scooter! Your daddy’s scooter will just not do!

Cychotic, on the corner of Freshwater and Lemarchant in St.John's, seems to be the spot for the latest and greatest scooters and accessories. At this point, I am not prepared to move past the upper scale Razors from Toy R Us, but the pressure is on.

Earlier in the week a chubby little 10 year old showed up sporting his new MGP. This kid was never going to push the limits of his Walmart scooter. Now my guys want the same! They are not getting some overpriced, pro-level scooter just to keep up with peer pressure! The whole situation sickens me!

The boys are having fun with what they have. They wear helmets and I am going to start demanding that they start wearing knee, wrist and elbow pads as well! Scooters are riding vehicles like bikes, they can get hurt!

Safety is my biggest concern, but I am not about to bubble wrap the boys.

Scooters are a blast. The boys are exercising and having fun! I just want them to exercise some common sense when it comes to safety and costs!

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John Hearn said...

Really scooters are back in? I guess pokemon cards wont be far behind again.

Anyway Peter this is what we need to do. I'll go home and get my really old wal-mart special scooter. When we have it in St. John's we'll take all the paint and markings off it, then we'll paint it all kinds of crazy colours (based off the pictures you have purple and neon green is in). So after we have this old scooter all crazy colours we'll pick up so good wheels and pick the craziest Russian or Greek name we can find and put it on.

When you give it to the boys say you got a friend to pick up this artisan scooter from Europe at a hefty price. Boys are happy, wallet is happy and it would be hilarious. What do you think? haha