Monday, July 30, 2012


Another summer weekend is in the dust bin of history!

While worked all day Saturday, Sunday was mine. I took advantage of the great summer day to hang out with the boys.

A little hiking and swimming followed by a yummy Sunday dinner with all the fixings!

We went down to Flat Rock for a swim in the river yesterday afternoon. The warm, dry weather is starting to have an impact! The water levels are way down from June. Some of the waterfalls have become trickles. In places, the small falls have stopped running all together, replaced by patches of bright green moss.

I do not think that I ever recall seeing so many brown, yellow and rusty burned up lawns in the city, and were are not through July yet! The weather events of the past week have not generated any significant accumulations of rain, at least not here on the Avalon. 

I have been doing my best to keep my lawn from meeting the true death! As the hotter weather sets in, I mow less frequently. In addition, when I do cut the grass, the bench set of the height is higher than regular ensuring that I don't mow so low.

I have been watering the grass differently as well.  Watering closer to the lawn prevent water loss through evaporation which means better penetration of the deeper roots.

Still, I am not sure that those dry spots are going to recover this year!

Last week the St. John's Regional Water Authority was warning folks to be mindful of the amount of water they're using. Despite the warmest summer in years, the water levels in Bay Bulls Big Pond are at a reasonable level.

Residents of the city have not faced a water ban in a couple of years. I really can not see that lasting, at least not in light of the low water levels I have witnessed at Flat Rock, in local streams and in some of the bogs along the walking trails.

We are lucky  when it comes to the quality and volume of our water supply. Let's hope that the public exercise some common sense and do not waste water.


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