Tuesday, July 31, 2012


While in a ranting mood about idiots, let me digress about the idiot that nearly caused a serious accident on the Parkway during the rush hour yesterday evening.

Working on the university campus makes for some hairy traffic moments at rush hour as the cross town arterial runs right through here. There are always a few impatient assholes that crawl up your bumper, are distracted by their cell phones or have no regard for the rules of the road. 

Yesterday, I encountered an idiot aggressive driver  who cut us off while gabbing on his cell phone,  obstructing  traffic and nearly caused an accident at the intersection of  Lyver’s Loop and Prince Phillip Drive.

My wife was driving our  2011 Ford Escape. She had picked me up at Coughlan College after work. She travelled down Irwin’s Road which runs parallel to the Parkway. She stopped at the end of Irwin’s Road and proceeded to stop again on Lyver’s Loop.

We were in the midst of rush hour traffic waiting for an opportunity to safely enter the Eastbound Traffic on Prince Phillip Drive. There were three or four cars behind us on Lyver Loop when a white Ford F-350 (250) pulled up behind our vehicle. We were concerned because he had breezed through a stop sign,  was nearly on our bumper and engaged in a conversation on his cell phone. He than pulled out directly parallel to us, blocking the view of oncoming traffic, cutting us off and forcing the traffic to slow down to avoid hitting him. At which point he jutted into the traffic, crossed two lanes in the left turning lain with out using an indicator - all while chatting on his cell phone!

It is this type of negligent, needless aggressive behavior that causes accidents, and costs people their lives.

I took down his license plate information and called the RNC who advised me to drop down and sign a written statement. They will deliver the tickets to the driver of the vehicle today!  

It felt so much better than just flicking him the bird!

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2mcmanustheautho said...


Aggressors get away with far too much.

I didn't know we can get people ticketed if we record plate numbers and sign complaint at RNC - that should be a news story on NTV!!!

Well done.