Friday, July 13, 2012


Not paying much attention to the date or time this morning, I muttered to my wife that it feels like Friday the 13th.

What with sinkholes blocking the East and West flow of traffic through Terra Nova National Park on the eve of the Salmon Festival extravaganza, panic must be setting in! The rockers, stoners, party animals and local businesses are in a tizzy!

The show must go on, but with the majority of the population on the East side of the sinkhole, Services & Works have a big hole to fill! Perhaps the Premier can get on the horn to Ottawa and request some assistance from Peter McKay. I hear he has pull on the ground at SAR in Gander, perhaps an emergency helicopter service can be established to cross the void!

Where is the leadership when we need it! Danny tackled hurricanes, Stephen Harper & big oil, surely Kathy can see the concert crowd through this catastrophe.

Personally, a giant sink hole under the Confederation Building, at night, when everyone is a sleep, might be a blessing. Government could relocate to the West Coast. Now there is a natural disaster worth perusing!


WJM said...

Danny "tackled" hurricanes?

Peter L. Whittle said...

Have you forgotten IGOR already?

Wally, just wondering, where does Labrador Riding rank in terms of geographical size. Is it the fifth largest?

Anonymous said...

Fifth largest? Peter, are you referring to Wally's head?

WJM said...

No, I haven't forgotten Igor.

I haven't forgotten how, in the middle of an all-government emergency response, Danny was preoccupied with taping an appearance for a lame comedy show.

I haven't forgotten how he dithered about calling in support form federal authorities.

Nope. Haven't forgotten about how Danny "tackled" Igor at all.

Apparently some people have.

Labrador is ninth-largest by area.