Monday, July 30, 2012


Mitt Romney's global offensive is turning out to be the worst American offensive since the Vietnamese War!

Romney has been eating a steady diet of show leather since leaving American soil on a mission to enhance his "foreign affairs" street credibility. I hope someone has a cane to yank him off the international stage, and soon.

After insulting the British over preparations and the roll-out of the 2012 Olympics,he is spewing racist comments in Israel. Critics are accusing the Republican presidential nominee of undermining the Middle East peace process and making “racist” statements during his trip to Israel, where he referred to Jerusalem as the country’s capital and told wealthy Jewish donors that their culture is part of the reason Israelis are more economically successful than nearby Palestinians.

It is obvious that Romney does not have the diplomatic skills to lead the country.  He lacks knowledge, diplomatic skills, vision and understanding.  Needlessly insulting the English, prompting howls and insults from the British press and government officials. Insulting the Palestinians by blaming their "culture" for their hardship. 

Mitt Romney won’t disclose many details about his VP search process, but he did say that he will not announce his pick this week while he is abroad. I can imagine that the best candidates would be smart and be abroad to miss the call.

The whole point of this charm offensive was to show himself as a capable leader on the world stage.

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