Monday, July 23, 2012


Back to reality this morning, after an incredible weekend of relaxation, socializing, drinking and picture taking in South East Bight.

The “Bight” is the last isolated outport in Placentia Bay. The community of  100 people is located on the Western shores Of Placentia Bay On The Burin Peninsula.

The only way in, and out is by boat! We drove down the Burin Peninsula to the turn-off  at Boat Harbor, traveled  to Petite Forte and then took the ferry ride to across Paradise Sound to the Bight.

The fishery is the only game in town for this clean, prosperous and friendly population where everyone works hard and prospers. My visit there reassured my faith in the industrious nature of rural Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. Any nay saying, maul mouth, who feels rural Newfoundland is dead or unsustainable only needs to spend a few days in the “bight” to learn that the romantic notion of times past are a false premise. That way of life is very much alive.

The fishery continues to play a key economic, political and social role in many communities throughout our province.

This is a community, where a dynamic handful of hardworking people bring millions of new dollars into the provincial economy every year. Every cod, crab, lobster, mackerel,  flounder, halibut, capelin, whelk and other species that comes in over the gunnels, the wharf and transported out creates new wealth for this province.

This is a place where lifestyle, community spirit, clean water, fresh air and safe streets are second to none.

It is a shame that this contribution is overlooked by so many in this oil economy.

I have some fantastic pictures to share. 

That will have to wait until I have time to transfer them to my Mac, which could be later in the week as I will be working days and evenings this week!

To quote Liam " Curse You Reality"!


Jess said...

Curse you reality, indeed!
Posted a link to this on the South East Bight facebook page.

Loretta Ward said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit :)
Come back any time, our doors are always open ~ Thanks for your kind comments!

Peggy Hepditch said...

Love this place ,live here before I would live in the city .It's isolated,but it's a life some people love .