She may have lost her bid for re-election in the May 2011 election, but former Harper cabinet minister Helena Guergis is not finished with her old boss and a dozen former colleagues, staffers, lawyers and private investigator Derrick Snowdy.

Guergis filed a lawsuit last December that makes claims of conspiracy, defamation, misfeasance in public office, negligence and infliction of mental suffering. She is suing for general damages of $800,000 plus punitive damages of $250,000 and aggravated damages of $250,000.

Today, Prime Minister Harper’s lawyers and a raft of other defendants will argue that the lawsuit should be tossed out of the courts. They are arguing that the lawsuit has "no reasonable cause of action." because Crown prerogative and parliamentary privilege are not matters for the courts.

The issues that led to investigations by the RCMP and Parliament's ethics commissioner cost her dearly. Not only did she get tossed form the Conservative caucus and fired from Cabinet, her reputation has suffered. The investigations sparked by allegations of extortion & fraud found nothing. She was cleared of wrongdoing by both organizations.

She maintains that her statement of claim is a concise statement of the facts and complies with the proper legal tests for the claims made in her lawsuit.

From my perspective, Guergis was a snooty, arrogant Conservative. She should have been
fired after the Charlottetown Airport flap. The fabrication of a web of lies designed to destroy her reputation is another matter. Even a bitch deserves justice!

I for one hope she gets the justice she deserves.

The hearing is scheduled for two days.