Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I know it is a competitive world out there. Keeping up with the neighbors, buying your own hard copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, getting your kids into the best schools! It is never ending!

Than there are the hard lessons that your kids need to learn like being honest, working hard, the rewards of hard work, treating others as they wish to be treated and being disciplined when they need it for things like telling a lie or cheating.

Parents have to be willing to step up and be parents by setting a good example, by being firm and by being consistent. Leading by example is perhaps the most significant, and impressionable.

Did you happen to catch the story last week about a former school board administrative assistant  who has been charged with hacking into thes chool’s e-mail and online systems to alter her kids’ grades.

Catherine Venusto, 45, is accused of changing her daughter’s failing grade to an “M” (for medical exception) and her son’s mark of 98 to 99.

 The school district’s office won’t be holding this against the kids, but what will it mean for college?

She says she knew what she was doing was ethically wrong, but she had no idea it was illegal!

Imagine the example this women has set for her children! 

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