Monday, July 30, 2012


The food fishery is on!

Due to work commitments this weekend, I was unable to get down to St. Bernard's. However, Dad has been hard at it, taking friends and relatives out to participate.

No one likes good company, a trip out on the water, a good feed and a few jokes like my father.

I found this picture and accompanying note on Facebook this morning:

" A huge thank you to our cousin Lorne Whittle for taking us on a boat trip it was so good to have a chance to hear the stories and see the places were our ancestors once lived and Frances C Whittle there are no words to express our appreciation we will return sing more songs, laugh and dance"

Sounds like a great time to me.

Dad retired earlier this year. After a lifetime as a commercial fisherman, he finally packed it in. He will be 69 next week! Neither of his three sons will follow the generations old tradition of becoming an inshore fisherman!

Judging by these pictures, it was quite a day on the bay.

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