Monday, July 30, 2012


Could pole dancing be on its way to the Olympics!

U.S. National Pole Dancing Champion Natasha Wang and the International Pole Sports Federation are hopeful that pole dancing will be an Olympic sport by 2016.

As the 50 Shades of Grey phenomena sweeps the Western World, pole dancing has exited the strip club and entered the gym.

Pole dancing has become a sport, a integral part of many peoples workout. Apparently it's a strenuous, sexy way to keep in shape.  The past decade has seen a growth of competitions where women -- and men -- perform choreographed routines for prizes, not tips!

Pole Dancing is an ancient art that can find its roots in the Chinese circus The United States Pole Dancing Federation, insists pole dancing is more akin to jazz and ballet than bumping and grinding, and blames ignorance for the sport's negative image.

If you are rolling your eyes about poll dancing as a sport at the Olympics, you might want to research some of the bizarre sports that have debuted at the games over the years. Fire fighting, canon shooting, ribbon dancing, dueling, live pigeon shooting, and pigeon racing  have all had their exposure at the games. Military patrol was a demonstration sport at the 1924, 28, 36 and 48 events.

Recent changes to Canada’s immigration rules have caused a crisis for the nations strip-club industry. The changes mean that hundreds of foreign dancers who will be kicked out of the country. Perhaps, if pole dancing were made an Olympic sport Canada’s strip clubs, escort services and massage parlours might once again have access to temporary foreign workers.

I can just imagine the number of new Athletic Centers popping up all over the country!

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