Friday, July 13, 2012


Earlier this week, on Tuesday evening, I ventured down to the Logy Bay, to reflect on the rocks at the  Ocean Sciences Centre.

Since moving to the East End of the City, this site has sort of become a touchstone for me. When I need to hit pause and reset, chances are that is where it will happen. A few years ago when the time had come to walk away from a couple of decades of partisan games, the decision to resign as  Director of Policy and Operations (Chief Of Staff) in the Official Opposition Office was contemplated and arrived at on those rocks.

This weeks visit was for pure relaxation, to get away by myself for a little while with my camera and enjoy god's canvass. I love taking and sharing photos, but I’m very much an amateur photographer.The incredible rugged beauty of the rocks, the rolling and crashing of the waves, the sunset and the vegetation that clings to the rocks, just above the high tide mark, make for an incredible vista.

That experience was enhanced by a pleasant surprise. While waiting for the sun to set ad lining up a photo of the cliffs across the bay with the rocks below a whale gracefully moving it's flukes up and down, propelling forward into my frame.

Here are some of the pictures. Can you see the face in the stone in the last picture?


Peter L. Whittle said...

Hey anonymous, why not register and paste your name to that slimy bit of crap.

I would love to go keystroke for keystroke with you, if you don't mind a few facts.

If you find my posts boring, inaccurate, or the truth concerns you, don't waste your time reading them.

In the meantime, lets see who is the cowardly one.


Anonymous said...


What is that all about?

Peter L. Whittle said...

Just a piece of spam from one of the faceless Red Meanies who from Pepperland that drain the party of it's colour.

As usual, too cowardly to stand by their defamations, slander and libel.

Peter L. Whittle said...

CRAIG..still waiting