Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The cavalry has arrived!

The Federal Liberals have swung into town to assist the handicapped provincial liberals out of their self-made, and never ending, sand trap!

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae is making the summer BBQ circuit in the province.

The former Ontario NDP Premier is assisting the local grits raise some cash at the first of two fundraising golf tournaments in aid of the provincial party.

The Liberal Cup is being played at the Bally Hally Golf Course on Lggy Bay Road today. If you are not a golfer, you can pay $40 to attend the dinner and take in Rae’s inspirational speech!

Hats off to the federal third party for continuing to use it’s declining star power to help the local grit’s keep the lights on. The party has been mired in debt since loosing power to the William’s Progressive Conservatives in 2003.

The amount of the debt is in the range of $700,000!

Earlier this year, future Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for the baby grits. The $250 a ticket dinner raised some big cash for the struggling party.

Now if only they could clean house, up at the Confederation Building. Shed the nepotism, the lazy, the double dippers, the PC’s and hanger-on’s and start earning back the respect of disillusioned supporters.

That would be real renewal! 

The type of stuff you might reward with a cheque and a vote!


Anonymous said...

No truer words have been uttered. Have you heard that young Shannon Reardon's contract was not renewed! A good researcher with lots of energy tossed on the heap that was the Liberal Party of NL!

Anonymous said...

Will the “Fighting Newfoundlander” blog be back?

Will the long-time Liberal,Steve Kent harasser, and critic of all things Conservative suck it up or will this young dynamo find a new home with the NDP?

I heard she was destroyed with the surprise news after putting in a stellar performance with the social media and research

Shannon Reardon said...

Steve Kent "harasser", "destroyed" with the "surprise news". Too funny, "Anonymous"!

Shannon Reardon said...

I do appreciate the "stellar performance" comment, though. Thank you. :)

Peter L. Whittle said...

Shannon, chalk it up to experience. I am sure they will rehire you for the fall session.

When salaries are tight, hiring research staff on a sessional basis makes lots of sense.

@mcmanustheautho said...

VOCM webpage reports that Bob Rae stated that Muskrat Falls is a good project for NL and Canada.

What do Dwight Ball and company think of that? No response so far.

Anonymous said...

The Opposition will finally win credibility when they hire a (Chief of Staff) just like you,