Monday, July 16, 2012


My boys are rough and tumble kids. They like to wrestle, play street hockey, roller blade, bike, use their scooters, play outdoors, get dirty and play hard. They are not bubble wrapped youngsters.

I grew up with a couple of brothers and a plethora of cousins. We were the same way.  Mom was always balling out to us to stop before someone got hurt! More often than not, no one got seriously hurt, broken furniture doors and walls were another story.

I recall setting up the occasional ramp to jump over on my bike or doing a few wheelies.  I have lots of memories of wiping out and the scars are still there to prove it!  It seems that once children learn to master riding a bike they begin to  experiment with a number of bike tricks.

Watching my kids participate in such stunts is another matter. I do not get a rush of adrenaline. ‘Dad, dad, watch this” results in a quick shudder. Darn those extreme sports on television and those videos on You-Tube! All I can do is ensure they wear pads and helmets to prevent injury during potential accidents.

Liam, my middle guy is ten, backed by a few years in gymnastics is the daredevil of the tribe! He has the balance and courage to attempt riskier tricks. When he sees a trick at the skate park, he immediately wants to replicate it! He studies the twists and turns like a dancer studies chorography. He is fast becoming a student of physics, how inertia, buoyancy, propulsion, friction, gravity and energy impact his ability to “get air” or twist!

When he has worked through the angles, imagined the trick –from start to finish, he is ready to go. Cuts, scrapes, torn jeans are the cost of participation.

When he fails, he looks up at the sky, clenches his fists and shouts in a mad scientist voice  “curse you reality”, then re-attempts the trick!

I’ll rant about the costs of top rated BMX and trick Scooters at another time!

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Anonymous said...

I would say your children got parents to be proud off and I'm sure they are. Nice to read about your family outings.